Baking Super Sculpey Without Sticking

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Baking Super Sculpey Without Sticking Empty Baking Super Sculpey Without Sticking

Post  FranOnTheEdge on Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:25 am

I have a face of a doll, and want to make a pair of goggles or a swim mask to exactly fit the face, the doll's head being plastic I didn't want to put it in the oven - it would probably have melted.  So I made a mould of the head and made a copy in Super Sculpey - I then baked the copy so that it's now firm.  Now once I've figured out how to make the goggles, or made a simple flat swim mask and formed it around the face/head, I'll need to bake the head for the 2nd time so as to bake the mask/goggles in the correct shape...

My question is, hope do I stop the mask from sticking to the head when it's baked?
Here's an image of the head with the simple mask:
[Unfortunately I can't post this link yet...]
I'm still deciding how to make the goggles...


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